Carolina Reapers Swing


We already know what happens when Carolina Reapers Swing go on stage: the irresistible swing, the explosion of energy, the craziness — and not to forget the exquisite repertoire, the subtlety, the unique moments — and one sure thing: dancing won’t stop until that last note is played as they bring one hell of a party.

A repertoire mixing swing-era arrangements and purely improvisational jam numbers. A team composed of gifted and creative soloists supported by a pure-swing rhythm section : trumpet Guillaume Gardey de Soos, trombonist Sami Khalfoune, saxophonist Mickaël Pernet, pianist Joseph Vu Van, guitarist and singer Charles Huck, drummer Gabriel Rigaud, and Fernando Morrison, bassist and band-leader.

Their performances are always surprising, full of inspiration and creativity, and you’ll never hear a song played twice the same way. Together they are a group of outstanding musicians and passionate individuals who take it upon themselves to make every Carolina Reapers Swing show a one-of-a-kind experience.